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So, yeah, tell me how I'm doing with this guy! Any help would be much appreciated. Love him? Hate him? Come at me, bro!

Anon enabled and IP logging off! So, say what you need to say!
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So, what's there to do around here? I've run through all the tiny projects I brought along with me. There's no school, no real selection of goods at the stores anymore, and I'm going insane.

Anyone have any suggestions?

[Surprisingly polite for Kanji, right?]
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[The journal opens up when Kanji's foot tips it over. The camera shows the tree tops, leaves dark and green with tiny splotches of a blue sky showing through. The voice of an irate male is heard shouting at the top of his lungs at no one in particular.]

Can't believe I'm back here with these dumb ass wings. The fuck is wrong with these stupid bastards that they can't leave me back home where things are finally calm?! It's Golden Week!

And why the hell are these wings Do I look like a dude who wears pink?

[And suddenly, Kanji's very angry face is in front of the camera. It's obvious that he's in the New Feather pants and no shirt. He really doesn't look like a guy who should even know what the color pink is, let alone wear it.

His grey eyes go wide before a slight blush shows on his cheeks.]


[And then the journal is slammed shut.]

[Later, when he's dressed in his normal clothes, Kanji can be found looking for a place to stay, since he already knows how Luceti works. After finding an apartment, he's going grocery shopping and stopping off to get some supplies to occupy his time.

He'll also stop off at Seventh Heaven for dinner and to see who's working there. He stops off at the school and Azalea to check in with his former teacher. He would like to see when the school is back in session.]
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[For all those interactions that don't get a whole separate post all to themselves, or for continuing log threads that don't belong on a community post for whatever reason.]
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Kanji will be spending the weekend either at All Passions, the General Store or his apartment with Goku in the Ice Building. Mainly, the teen will be wearing his glasses that he got as a gift for Christmas from the Malnosso as he gathers supplies to make more of his plush toys or he'll be making said toys.

He can also be found at Seventh Heaven while he takes a break during lunch and late afternoon, also while doing some homework so that Raine-sensei doesn't throw things at his head.


Hinata can be found during many times throughout the days. She spends the mornings at the Bakery, where she is learning how to decorate cakes. She also spends part of the afternoon at the Clinic in the village, and the other part at the flower shop, Azalea.

She can also be found grocery shopping at the General Store or on her way to the Flame Buildingwhere she and the other ninja left.

[OOC: You can also run into either of them where you feel like it. These are just the places that they're more than likely to be. Also, you should really consider picking up one of Kanji's plushies. They're really very cute.]
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[Action/Ice Building, Floor Three, Apartment Thirteen]


[Goddammit... It was bad enough that Kanji was living with the weirdo... okay, so, Goku wasn't that bad as a roommate. He was polite and helpful. He didn't judge Kanji on his hobbies. He was actually kinda supportive, in a weird sort of fashion.

It didn't even bother him too much that the other man liked to walk through the apartment half-dressed.... Okay, that first time totally didn't count! Who does that?

But, the towel on the floor of the bathroom, still damp from the power shower he'd taken? NOT cool.]


[Video, Later the same day]

[You can see the blond standing in a clothing shop. He's standing in front of a rack of clothes with a pensive look on his face. It's obvious the journal is open and facing out to film him for a purpose. Kanji adjusts the rack before moving to the side to let anyone curious and paying attention to see a display of knitted stuffed toys.]

Yeah, that's perfect.

[He turns to face the journal and tries to smile, but it's obvious he's nervous.]

So, um, name's Kanji Tatsumi for those who don't know me. I just...Look, here's the deal. My family runs a textile shop back home. Since I got here, I've been feelin' homesick. And, uh, I've been doin' stuff that I would back there. Thanks to Rhyme, I got a place to sell them from. So, if you need somethin' repaired or you're looking for a cute plush toy, I'm your guy.

I'll be here on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and all day Sunday.

That's all.
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Action, Morning, with both

[Good morning, Luceti. If you happen to be in the area of the fountain, you have perhaps found two teens in the water. The long-haired girl seems to be using the boy's chest as a pillow, despite the fact that he doesn't look too comfy. And if you wait long enough, you can see as they wake up.]

Kanji: Mmm, Ma, stop that. I ain't got school today. [The boy reached up to scratch at his head, near his left ear, and when he tried to turn over, his grey eyes flew open. There was a dark head of hair in his line of vision. A very familiar head of hair. F-fuck, he was screwed if Senpai came back to a scene like this. Or worse, Naoto! 

He looked around trying to figure out how Yukiko-senpai ended up in his bed when he noticed several things wrong. Not in his bed. Not in his house. Not in Inaba anywhere that he recognized.]
The...what the fuck is this?

[Unlike the boy she was lying on, Yukiko was fast asleep. Unknowing that she was sent to a place where wings were fused onto her body and that she was on a good friend of hers. Let's just say that if she did suddenly wake up, it wouldn't be pretty for either one of them. But for now, she was enjoying her mattress known as Kanji.]

Where? How? Wha- [As intelligible as ever, Kanji is sputtering and trying to get his friend from off of him while not drowning in the fountain. Man, when did she start sleeping so hard? And he seriously hoped that was backsplash from the fountain on his chest. The questionable placement of her head left him a  little...unsure. With an unsteady hand, he reached out and shook the girl carefully.] Yukiko-senapi. Wake up. Man, please wake up.

[It only took a minute for the raven haired girl to stir and groan slightly. She was having a good dream after all and it would be bad to leave it now. Her eyes fluttered open as she took in the sight before her: oh, it was Kanji. But why was she on him if the last thing she remembered doing was shopping for Labrys? And were they wet?

Seriously, what was going on? Yukiko slowly started to move her body up just as she noticed that her kohai was actually shirtless and soaked. And then she looked at herself and noticed the New Feather dress she was wearing. What happened to her clothes?! And...was the dress really clingy on her wet body?! So like every normal young woman who noticed the situation...

She screamed.

Not to mention as she tried to stand up, she slipped and fell back first into the fountain and gasped. Ow that really hurts! Yukiko was unaware of the wings on her back and how sensitive they were at first. The sudden impact on the floor wasn't good as she promptly proceeded to pass out afterwards.]

[Lucky for her, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Kanji's reflexes and he caught her before she could strike her head against the unforgiving stone of the fountain. And then, he really began to panic.]
Yukiko-senpai, you can't just do this to me! No, wake up. Aw...fuck....

[And, then, he spotted it, the clinic. Taking cautious steps, Kanji managed to get them both out of the fountain and over to the clinic. It wasn't like this was the TV world. He couldn't just whip out some item and revive her. For one, he didn't even have his own shit do do anything with those! What the hell was going on? He'd never had a dream like this, so he was going to go with the theory that it was really happening. (Hey, this is deductive reasoning for the thuggish-looking teen, okay?)

It takes some delicate manuevering, but he managed to get the door open on his own, but that's when his luck runs out. There wasn't even anyone at the desk.]
Hello? Is there someone here? I need some help!

Action/Accidental Video, Kanji, afternoon

[He'd taken Yukiko to the clinic to be looked at. Then, after being reassured that his friend would be fine, Kanji decided he'd crawled through all the shops in the area around the fountain so he could find his clothes and phone and the sewing kit he kept on him at all times. But there were several things that had stopped him, but starting with the journal that was sitting with his clothes in the general goods store was where his troubles kept going. Yep, he'd tried to throw it away, but the damn thing ended up right in his way as he started to walk away.

In fact, he'd almost tripped over it.

He'd managed to dodge it and go into the private bathroom to change into the school uniform he'd been wearing when he'd been taken from home. And trying to put clothes on with these stupid wings, no matter how cute, was painful. They stung and ached, making him wish that Teddie was there to heal him. However, now that he's dressed, he aimed his feet towards the front door of the shop.

Only to run into that damn book again, tripping over it and falling on his ass. However, all anyone would be able to see was the ceiling of the shop itself.]
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? [His actual questions could wait until the case of the homicidal book was solved.]

Action, Yukiko, Afternoon

[After that er...slip up, Yukiko is out of the clinic and heading towards a very good place: the clothing shop. Clearly she does not like her New Feather getup and would like to find anything else suitable for her. She's lucky enough to find her school uniform among the wares and quickly grabbed them before anyone else could. Now how was she going to put them over the wings?]

[[OOC: Since this is sort of a joint post, you can play with both at the clinic or pick one of them to talk to. Just, please specify in the subject line. Thanks, Mako and Lita.]]

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Name: Tatsumi Kanji
Canon: Persona 4
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Wing Color: Baby blue with pink under feathers

Canon Point: Right before the beginning of Persona 4 Arena, so 6 weeks after the True End of the original game. (With a maxed out Emperor S.Link)
Canon Point Explanation: He has none of the memories from Arena (so, he's never met the P3 cast) and he's looking forward to his Senpai returning from the city.
History: Kanji at the MST wiki
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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Mako
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☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Tatsumi Kanji
( Character's Age ) : 16
( Series ) : Persona 4
( Canon Point ) : True End
( Playability ) : They would never really meet
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CHARACTER NAME: Kanji Tatsumi (Emperor Arcana)
CHARACTER SERIES: Shin Megumi Tensei Persona 4

Backtagging: Yes, I will backtag forever if that's what you want!
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Killing this character: Please ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Please ask OOCly first. However, there's not much he's got to keep secret.

Warnings: Kanji speaks kinda crudely, so I hope you can handle that.
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